National health organizations urge Ottawa to stop nicotine pouch sales to minors

National health groups call on Ottawa to prevent sales of nicotine pouches to children


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“Legal sale of flavored nicotine pouches draws backlash from health organizations”

Health organizations across Canada have united in demand for federal regulation of the sale of nicotine pouches, which were approved for sale in July. These demands come as the organizations argue that these pouches, which are produced by Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd., are being deliberately marketed to children with no restrictions on who can make a purchase. With nicotine being a highly addictive drug, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Lung Association have raised the alarm that these flavored pouches need to be regulated before extensive use occurs.

Marketing to Children

The health organizations argue that the flavored nicotine pouches are being marketed towards children with their attractive nature and appealing flavors. They have highlighted a lack of age restrictions on purchasing these pouches, which poses a serious risk to the younger population. With vaping already causing a high rate of addiction among Canadian teenagers, the organizations fear that the trend could extend to flavored nicotine pouches, leading to widespread use among youth.

Regulations Needed

At this time, health organizations are seeking suspension of the sale of these flavored nicotine pouches until regulations can be put in place to prevent sales to children. Another approach put forth is the reclassification of these products as a prescription to limit their availability to minors. However, the response from Health Canada has been minimal so far, lacking action to rein in the advertisement and sale of these potentially harmful products marketed to children.

Industry Perspective

On the other hand, Imperial Tobacco Canada claims that they are seeking to provide adult smokers with a less harmful alternative to cigarettes. They argue that all their advertising on social media targets adults 25 years and older and are not intended for minors. Imperial Tobacco insists the products are not for kids, and they have instructed retailers not to sell to minors. However, the health groups recall how little was known about cigarettes 100 years ago, and they warn that the public should learn from the past and act against the sale of these potentially harmful products.


With the rise in use of vaping and now the introduction of flavored nicotine pouches, it is essential for Health Canada to intervene and enact necessary regulations. While Imperial Tobacco Canada presents flavored nicotine pouches as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes, health organizations are raising concerns that the sale of these products to children will pose a significant risk to the health of Canadian youth. This matter demands prompt attention and analysis of the potential consequences before extensive use of these nicotine pouches becomes a reality.


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