Man arrested in neck slash death of ex-NHLer Adam Johnson



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Sunday saw the first game back at the Sheffield Arena since the death of Adam Johnson at the venue with special tributes for Nottingham’s number 47 and a fan Ovation in support of Sheffield’s Canadian defenseman Matt petgrave we are not showing the exact moment but in a game last month it was petgrave skate

That cut Johnson’s neck on Tuesday police investigating the incident arrest a man on suspicion of manslaughter but did not name him in a statement South Yorkshire police said we have been carrying out extensive inquiries to piece together the events which led to the loss of Adam in these unprecedented

Circumstances we have been speaking to highly specialized experts in their field to assist our inquiries it is very rare for police to lay criminal charges for sports incidents in 2004 kuks player Todd berzi pleaded guilty to assaulting Colorado’s Steve Moore Marty going right after Brasher and he slashed him right

In the head 4 years earlier Marty murle of the Bruins was convicted of assaulting the Canucks Donald brashier they’re going to have to determine like in criminal law that there is a what we call the Mana or the intent of committing a crime um codified under their criminal code police say the man

Arrested remains in custody they have asked asked for the public to refrain from speculation on the case which they say could hinder their investigation Redmond Shannon Global News London

Police in England have arrested a man on suspicion of manslaughter in the death of professional hockey player Adam Johnson.

The skate blade of an opposing player, Canadian Matt Petgrave, slashed Johnson’s neck during an Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) game on Oct. 30.

Redmond Shannon reports on what police are saying about the arrest and how it’s rare for police to lay criminal charges in sports incidents.

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