Is having a badge and gun always the answer? Langley RCMP standoff response in question – BC

‘Having a badge, gun isn’t necessarily the answer’: Langley RCMP standoff response questioned - BC


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“Langley, B.C., is dealing with the tragedy of a man who lost his life during a police standoff. The daughter of this man, Don Bennett, has a lot of questions about how the situation was handled and if could it have been prevented. The incident, which began as a wellness check at 4 p.m., quickly escalated and resulted in a massive fire that took Bennett’s life. But could proper mental health intervention have made a difference?

The Daughter’s Perspective

Nicky McIntosh, Bennett’s daughter, is deeply concerned about the escalation of the situation. She claims that her father was in a mental health crisis, worsened by the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. She believes that the significant police presence and heavy-handed approach only made things worse for her father. She wants to know if any mental health professionals were present during the initial call-out and why the family wasn’t contacted earlier. His death in that fire has left the family devastated. They’re searching for answers and justice for their father.

Action Taken for Change

The Independent Investigations Office has taken over the case, bringing hope to McIntosh that there could be improvements in how mental health and wellness checks are handled. She remains optimistic, waiting for the investigation’s completion and possible recommendations for change.

Remembering Don Bennett

Mchintosh is remembering her father as a fun, loving, and family-oriented person who was passionate about his horses, dogs, and vehicles. He was a regular and cherished figure in the local community. She wants the world to remember him for the person he was, not how he left it.

May this situation bring change to mental health and wellness checks for the better, benefiting countless other families going through the same mental health struggles. Don Bennett may be gone, but through this tragedy, the hope is to prevent similar incidents in the future.”


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