Global National: Nov. 14, 2023 | IDF raids Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital amid reports of mass graves



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On this Tuesday night in Gaza the dead go uncounted hospitals caught in the crossfire now digging Mass Graves the situation in fact is getting worse and worse those who have escaped Gaza and made it back to Canada both of us Israeli people and Palestinian people they like to live in peace plus Canadian

Peace activist Vivian Silver’s final message to friends as Hamas gunman stormed her home arrested the action UK police are taking after a pro hockey player died from a slash to the neck plus flying off into the sunset the prime minister’s aging plane finally retires global national with Donna

Freezen good evening and thanks for joining us we are following events in Gaza tonight for the first time the Israeli Defense Forces confirm they have moved into gaza’s largest Hospital which is filled with hundreds of patients and staff including babies in a statement the IDF said tonight it is conducting

What it calls a precise and targeted operation in a specific area of the hospital it didn’t specify where it says the intent is that no harm is caused to civilians it says are being used by Hamas as human Shields Israel has maintained Hamas has its command and control center beneath elifa Hospital

Something doctors and staff say they know nothing about today do Without Borders which has staff at that hospital said thousands of civilians medical staff and patients are trapped in hospitals and other locations Under Fire in Gaza City they must be protected and afforded safe passage if they wish to

Leave also today for the first time Pentagon and White House officials said the US has Intelligence that shows Hamas uses hospitals in Gaza including the alifa hospital to conceal and support their military operations we do have information that Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad uses some hospitals in the Gaza

Strip including the alifa hospital um as a way to conceal and support their military operations and hold hostages right now the living cannot Escape that hospital and there is nowhere to bury the dead there are reports Mass graves are being dug outside gaza’s largest hospital again a

Warning some of the pictures in our stories are disturbing Danielle Hamin begins our coverage tonight the first rainfall in Gaza since the War Began it doesn’t take much to make the children [Applause] smile but everybody else knows what the start of the rainy season could mean the prospect of flooding would

Almost certainly overwhelm the sewage system and disease would spread this on top of 39 days of air strikes and counting in hospitals that are still functioning the flow of incoming patients is incessant water now is a very challenging you know thing it used to be in such you know emergency

Situation 15 liter per day per person the available water now is 1 to three liter per person per day and most of that water is not really suitable for drinking or for cooking Israeli forces claim Hamas has lost control over Gaza City they say the group’s Command Center is located under

The largest hospital in The Enclave the Moore get Al shifa hospital no longer works the bodies more than 120 are piling up on Tuesday the civilians trapped in the hospital complex are set to have dug a mass grave within the grounds of the compound the very best men there and we

Are sure all kinds of infections and dis will be transmed from that one today we had a little bit of rain rainy weather in the morning and then this s was really horrible no one could even open a window or just walk around within the corridors with this very

Bad Israel has urged civilians in the north to flee South where it’s not much safer suan Abad in Kan Yunis who is deaf describes how his house was bombed seven of his children were with him in the room there are fears in some parts of the Arab world that Israel is trying to

Drive Palestinians out of Gaza fears that are Amplified when far-right members of Benjamin netanyahu’s government make comments such as this one that Israel will no longer be able to accept the existence of Gaza as an independent entity and that Palestinians should agree to voluntarily immigrate to

To other countries that was a quote from the Israeli Finance Minister Donna Danielle in Jerusalem thanks an Israeli Canadian woman is now known to have died in the October 7th attacks by Hamas it was thought that VI Vivian silver was taken hostage but forensics confirmed she was killed

Inside her home today Global News spoke to some of those closest to her about how even in her final moments she was focused on peace Mike Armstrong reports just 3 days before the October 7th attacks Vivian silver was at an event in the West Bank held by a group she helped

Found but a lifetime spent in the pursuit of Peace was ended by the violence she was trying to prevent it’s it’s absurd it’s absurd that she was taken and over she she was murdered y brow worked for years alongside silver at women wage peace on the morning of the attacks as Hamas

Gunman entered kabut ber silver was hiding in her home but with her phone now this is another kabut but it’s exactly what was going on in ber while it was happening silver was updating friends including brow silver could hear gunfire and at some points people in her house she told us say it’s

Very scary but it’s okay and it’s helping me to be H with you on WhatsApp and uh and she had a wonderful sense of humor so uh she also she was laughing a little bit about it the even in the middle of that yes now with gunman

Moving around the Kuts in between texts silver took a call from an Israeli radio station a host who knew her and knew how close she lived to Gaza just a few kilometers it appears to be her last conversation she was sitting in her safe room she was she said she told us that

She was sitting on the floor H probably hiding Now there was hope after silver disappeared that she was still alive that like some of her neighbors in this video she was taken hostage but when investigators went through kibuts Berry and what was left in the burnt out homes they found found something in Silver’s safe room not much

But enough to confirm it through DNA there is nobody The Remains are burnt the ashes it’s ashes what is left now are memories of a mother silver had two sons and a grandmother she had four grandchildren and a fifth on the way e but for her friends she has also left inspiration

In that radio interview even with bullets and Rockets ringing out she told the host she still wanted to talk about peace it’s time it’s time she said and then she told the host they’d talk about it again when everything was over Mike Armstrong Global News Tel

Aviv optimism is in short supply in the region right now though today the American president said the families of the more than 200 hostages held by Hamas should be patient I’ve been talking with the people involved every single day I believe it’s going to happen but I don’t

Want to get in detail what’s your message for the families hang in there we’re coming today tens of thousands of people gathered on the National Mall in Washington to demand the release of those hostages and to show solidarity with Israel as Jackson prco reports people came from across the country and from

Canada with heavy security from police police and the National Guard tens of thousands marched for Israel I’m here to support everybody I love there is raw anger over the October 7th attack 38 days and deep fear about what will happen to hundreds of hostages held by Hamas including Ora neutra’s son om we

All must use the power that we have to help bring om and all of the hostages home now the March was also meant to send a message about Rising anti-Semitism with incidents up more than 300% in the US this year according to the Anti-Defamation League Jews right now are experiencing unprecedented levels of

Anti-Semitism and hatred against Jews it is really really scary fear has spread across the border Ruthie wall is more than one of 2,000 Jewish Canadians who made the journey to be here we’re not going to stand for anti-Semitism in Canada or in the US or around the world down the state of

Israel not everyone is United the civilian toll of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza has deepened division over whether it’s time for a ceasefire we said they’re killing a lot of innocent uh Palestinian civilians but they’re also hurting Israel we’re at War our people have been attacked brutally but in official Washington

Support for Israel remains steadfast thank you everybody clear to the audience of thousands is that there’s no question Aid will continue to flow to one of America’s closest allies the United States has always stood with Israel and we will do everything to see that that never ever changes Jackson crosco Global News

Washington a salmonella outbreak in Canada has been linked to raw dog food it’s very young children who are getting sick Heather yuck West explains what parents need to know and the dogs are gring believed to help dogs with digestive issues but your pet’s raw food diet could make your kids sick this is

Pet food that has produced from raw from raw animal protein so it hasn’t been cooked according to the public health agency of Canada an outbreak of salmonella infections linked to Raw pet food and contact with cattle has made dozens of people ill across Canada 40 cases have been identified across six

Provinces the majority in Quebec and onario and the most susceptible population for salmonella infection is obviously infants you know below 5 years old that’s because Health Canada does not test approve or regulate pet food in this country problem is if a pet becomes infected with salmonella from

Contaminated food it can easily pass the bacterial infection on to its owners if people interact with those animals um they can become sick Health Canada says more than 40% of those sick in this outbreak are under the age of five so far 13 patients have been hospitalized the strain of salmonella highly

Resistant to antibiotics essentially what happens is when you go to hospital all they can do is basically rehydrate you um rather than give you any drugs and it can be a painful experience to watch especially if you’re a parent health officials say people should not feed their pets raw food especially when

There are small children in the home Heather urex West Global News Calgary there’s another sign of the pain the rising cost of living is causing Toronto’s annual who’s hungry report reveals one in 10 people now rely on food banks twice as many as the year before as Eric senson explains food

Banks say they’re at their Breaking Point Bridget Martin is a volunteer but also a client of the North York Harvest Food Bank 15 years ago she was injured on the job her benefits were eventually cut off and food banks saved her my income was not enough my rent was far

Too hide and still with the food bank and still without the food bank I could not have done not have survived that time what’s different today is the magnitude of the need more than $10 million wor the food will likely go through this facility alone this year

Toronto has seen a 51% increase in food bank visits the highest ever more than 2 and a half million visits so far this year and that numberers expected to exceed 3 million visits by the end of 2023 another difference many food Bank clients today have jobs but earn too

Little to keep up with the rising cost of food and housing it’s unacceptable that one in four Food Bank clients spend 100% of their income on housing leaving nothing for food clothing or Transportation all levels of government have to do more starting with the federal government and the Canada

Disability benefit 35% of all food bank users have a disability the food bank wants to see long-awaited federal disability benefits actually delivered by 2025 it wants the province’s plan to build 1.5 million new homes to include 300,000 affordable units and it wants City Hall’s plan to reduce poverty to

Have funding attached there is plenty of failure um from our institutions from our leaders as I said at all levels and across the ideological Spectrum um that have driven us to uh where we are today we want to belong somewhere we don’t want to be dis G and say for Bridget

Martin and so many more long-term Solutions include incomes that keep up with the cost of living but the immediate fix for many comes down to food banks which need support from governments private sector and public donations more than ever before Eric senson Global News Toronto coming up an arrest in the death

Of a former NHL player in the UK police in England have arrived arrested a hockey player on suspicion of manslaughter after the death of another player American Adam Johnson his neck was cut by a skate in the middle of a game in Sheffield England the player has not been charged yet Redmond Shannon

Explains what’s behind his arrest and what might be the next steps Sunday saw the first game back at the Sheffield Arena since the death of Adam Johnson at the venue with special tributes for Nottingham’s number 47 and a fan Ovation in support of Sheffield’s Canadian defenseman Matt petgrave we are

Not showing the exact moment but in a game last month it was pet grave skate that cut Johnson’s neck on Tuesday police investigating the incident arrested a man on suspicion of manslaughter but did not name him in a statement South Yorkshire police said we have been carrying out extensive

Inquiries to piece together the events which led to the the loss of Adam in these unprecedented circumstances we have been speaking to highly specialized experts in their field to assist our inquiries it is very rare for police to lay criminal charges for sports incidents in 2004 canu player Todd berzi

Pleaded guilty to assaulting Colorado’s Steve Moore going right after Brasher and he slashed him right in the head four years earlier Marty murle of the Bruins was convicted of assaulting the Canucks Donald she they’re going to have to determine like in criminal law that

There is a what we call the Mena or the intent of committing a crime um codified under their criminal code police say the man arrested remains in custody they have asked for the public to refrain from speculation on the case which they say could hinder their investigation Redmond Channon Global News

London still ahead the Bittersweet feeling of Canadians who’ve escaped Gaza as the world watches what’s unfolding in Gaza there are some who are lucky enough to tell the story of what they endured there of the roughly 400 Canadians registered in Gaza 356 have now escaped through the Raffa Crossing into Egypt and as Tria isra reports they’re now safe in

Canada Pearson Airport the last leg of a journey this husband and wife feared they would not survive after a month trapped in Gaza Palestinian Canadians Amir and suar Yousef are safe in the arms of their son they actually tried for almost 2 weeks uh back and forth

Back and forth they crossed the Rafa border into Egypt then flew straight home from Cairo but there’s no escaping their feelings of overwhelming loss my big brother they killed they had truck in my house house and they killed my big brother hanni albet nii also got out of

Gaza the Ottawa father traveled there to sell his family home when war broke out my feeling when I crossed the border I feel that I am born again he spent weeks going house to house evading air strikes my brother is in wheelchair when we moved from first

Place to the second place my nephew he carry him in his back and we’re running Barefoot nothing you have nothing there wherever they went they were surrounded by death imagine every building get bombed at people underneath it just smell it when elbet nii finally made it to the Rafa border he says bombs

Were raining down the blood came out from my ear he’s relieved to be reunited with his wife and four children but is haunted by the hundreds of thousands of gazin who can’t leave like his brother who does not have Canadian citizenship really when I leftt border if left this

Thanks God I am out but what about the others Left Behind teria isri Global News Ottawa next the final farewell for the prime minister’s often problematic plane farewells can be sad but not this one a 30-year-old Air Force jet that has been Canada’s IP aircraft is getting a

New role it’s carried royalty and prime ministers and has had its fair share of problems tonight our chief political correspondent David Aken who has logged many miles on that plane himself takes a look back at its travels and troubles the first thing to know about Canadian Forces 01 seen here in its original

Color is that it is no Air Force One no Canada’s pm has been flying around in a very modest modified Airbus it was built in 198 87 bought by Canada in 1992 used from Canadian Airlines and then given a new paint job in 2013 the plane is so

Old it still had ashtrays in the washrooms Brian Malon spent $56 million to convert the plane though he never flew in it Jean cretan dubbed it a quote flying Taj Mahal he took out the VIP items he never used it either as PM four times a year it was Paul Martin who

First used the plane for official PM travel and by then all the seating was economy except for the Spartan VIP cabin at the front join here’s Steven Harper in that cabin with cretan Kim Campbell and Brian Mone on the way to Nelson Mandela’s funeral where did all those VIPs sleep on the

Long flight to South Africa well there’s only one bed in the cabin so at least three of those xpms would have had to sit and sleep in economy seats which only barely reclined there are no TVs at any passenger seat Wi-Fi on board forget it there’s not even electrical outlets for passengers

It’s been battered beat up and has often broken down most recently stranding prime minister Justin Trudeau in India for an extra few days while the Air Force waited for a part to fix it and so we say goodbye to the old cfo1 and hello to the new cfo1 that’s one of them

Behind me it’s an Airbus 2 an A330 bought used from from Kuwaiti Airways it was built in 2015 modern enough I’m told that there will not be any ashtrays in the washroom Donna well that’s an important update David Aken at ottawa’s airport thanks that is global national for this Tuesday I’m Donna

Freezen tonight’s your Canada is the unveiling of the new Looney at the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg it features the face of King Charles III the first Canadian coin with his Majesty’s image thanks for watching hope to see you here again tomorrow bye Fight

As the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) conduct a “precise and targeted operation” in Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital, there are reports of mass graves being dug outside the facility. Daniele Hamamdjian looks at Gaza’s collapsing health-care system.

A Canadian-Israeli peace activist who went missing during the attack by Hamas on Israel last month is confirmed dead. Vivian Silver’s family and friends had believed she was taken hostage on Oct. 7. Mike Armstrong spoke with one woman who was close to Silver about how she was focused on peace, even in her final moments.

Tens of thousands of Canadians and Americans gathered in Washington, D.C. for a pro-Israel rally, demanding the release of the more than 200 hostages still being held by Hamas. Jackson Proskow speaks with some attendees about the violence in the Middle East and around the world.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is investigating an outbreak of “extensively drug-resistant” salmonella, which is being linked to raw dog food and contact with cattle. Heather Yourex-West explains where cases are being found, who’s most susceptible to getting sick and the advice to pet owners.

Speaking about Toronto’s food insecurity and poverty crisis, Daily Bread Food Bank CEO Neil Hetherington detailed the findings of the annual “Who’s Hungry” profile. He revealed that one in ten people in the city now rely on food banks — twice as many than in 2022, according to the information released in this report. As Eric Sorensen explains, food bank operators say they’re at their breaking point.

Police in England have arrested a man on suspicion of manslaughter in the death of professional hockey player Adam Johnson. The skate blade of an opposing player, Canadian Matt Petgrave, slashed Johnson’s neck during an Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) game on Oct. 30. Redmond Shannon reports on what police are saying about the arrest and how it’s rare for police to lay criminal charges in sports incidents.

Most of the roughly 400 Canadians who were trapped in the Gaza Strip have escaped through the Rafah border crossing into Egypt and are safely back in Canada. Touria Izri speaks with some of those Canadians about their bittersweet feelings of returning home.

Plus, after flying Canadian prime ministers and British royalty around the world for decades, Canada’s VIP air force jet is being retired from its role and replaced with a newer, less problematic plane. David Akin, who’s logged many kilometres on the aircraft, looks back on its history of travels and troubles.

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  1. I was listening to a military general analysis and he said the reason why the IDF is doing this is to use the people taking refuge in the hospitals and unrwa schools as human shields. The IDF lost 366 soldiers in one week and 160 tanks. Thus using these locations as human shield is to prevent Hamas from targeting them. The claim it’s a Hamas operation location is a propaganda and none of the evidence they have provided is true.

  2. When it takes forensics to confirm your death. It means there was bareky anything left if you after being murdered. 😔

    They collect bone fragments, burnt remains of fused bodies , and ash at these sites .

  3. i give up and dont care anymore about most things actually including what is going on over seas the world will forever be divided until we all learn to stand up to those that expose both sides to death and destruction the devils are all on earth and we are fighting to make it to our version of heaven i dont believe in the gods but others do and i hope you all can make it to your version of heaven and just be happy for once good luck everyone the world is only gonna get worse

  4. Funny thing, back in WWII London was deliberately bombed, it wasn’t caught in any crossfire, take it from someone who crawled out of the rubble, war is not healthy for your survival.
    That’s why I’m surprised War is still going on in the Middle East. I should not be surprised, it’s been ongoing for over 2 1/2 thousand years, lessons not learned.

  5. We're are the hostage I bet the tunnel are in the basement I heard there a lot of covid over there dr robert strang taught us if,you are not from novascotia you are a covid spreader😅😅😅

  6. "Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas," Netanyahu told his Likud party's Knesset members in March 2019. "This is part of our strategy – to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank."

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