Escaped sex offender Randall Hopley arrested in Vancouver



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Sources tell us Randall hopley turned himself in this morning now we don’t know why he decided to do this if he was feeling the pressure or just tired of being on the run but he is now in a Vancouver jail The Manhunt is over several sources have confirmed to Global

News hopley turned himself in to this Vancouver Police Department building on East Cordova the department says the 58-year-old convicted sex offender was taken into custody just after 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning hopley vanished from his downtown Eastside halfway house on Saturday November 4 and his ankle monitor was found cut off later that

Afternoon near Main Street and Broadway setting off a Canada wide warrant for his arrest police believe he was worried about an upcoming court appearance for breaching his supervision orders back in November 2022 Vancouver Police say locating hopley was the Department’s top priority dedicating 18 full-time investigators and dozens of Frontline

Officers searching on land and sea on the run for 10 days the department responded to dozens of tips and sightings from Metro Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast hopley’s violent criminal past includes sexual offenses against children assault and property crime where he was hiding or how he survived

For 10 days in cold weather those are all questions we’re hoping to get answers to later this afternoon Emily liton Global News

Police say high-risk sex offender Randall Hopley has been arrested in Vancouver.

Vancouver police told Global News that Hopley was arrested around 6 a.m. Tuesday.

Sgt. Steve Addison with the Vancouver police confirmed that an off-duty officer arriving at work saw Hopley standing outside the station on East Cordova Street and took him into custody.

It is not known why Hopley was standing outside, and the station was closed at the time.

Hopley had been missing for 10 days, after walking away from his Vancouver halfway house on Nov. 4, cutting off his electronic monitoring device a short time later. Global’s Emily Lazatin reports.

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  1. I like how people go "Cops are worthless!"
    When its like…guys, you can hide out in a ditch all day and nobody will find you.
    Get up at 8PM, go to walmart or whatever, the people there don't pay attention or care who you are.
    You get food, walk out paid or stolen, then return to your ditch.

  2. Where he was hiding and how he survived in the cold weather are questions …… LOL what a joke global news
    Do what you do best and go do some cover up for the liberal ndp fraudsters

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