Canadians who’ve escaped Gaza share bittersweet feelings of returning home



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Pearson Airport the last leg of a journey this husband and wife feared they would not survive after a month trapped in Gaza Palestinian Canadians Amir and suhar yusf are safe in the arms of their son they actually tried for almost 2 weeks uh back and forth back

And forth they crossed the Rafa border into Egypt then flew straight home from Cairo but there’s no escaping their feelings of overwhelming loss my big brother they killed they had truck in my house and they killed my big brother hany Alber nii also got out of Gaza the

Ottawa father traveled there to sell his family home when war broke out my feeling when I crossed the border I feel that I am born again he spent weeks going house to house evading air strikes my brother is in wheelchair when we moved from first place to the second place my nephew he

Carried him in his back and we’re running Barefoot nothing we have nothing there wherever they went they were surrounded by death imagine every building get bombed a people underneath it they smelling when Ali finally made it to the Rafa border he says bombs were raining down the blood came out from my

Ear he’s relieved to be reunited with his wife and four children but is haunted by the hundreds of thousands of gazin who can’t leave like his brother who does not have Canadian citizenship really when I left border left thanks God I I’m out but what about the others Left Behind teria isri Global

News Ottawa

As the world watches what’s unfolding in the Gaza Strip, some people are now lucky enough to tell the story of what they endured.

Most of the roughly 400 Canadians who were trapped in Gaza have escaped through the Rafah border crossing into Egypt and are safely back in Canada, but they’re still worried about loved ones they had to leave behind.

Touria Izri speaks with some of those Canadians about their bittersweet feelings of returning home.

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  2. It’s true when he mentioned “they smell it”. I’ve lived 2 km from a bombed site and it stinks horribly as toxic fumes like burnt steel pots and it gave me permanent sinus problems for life.

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