Canadian salmonella outbreak linked to raw pet food


And the dogs are it’s believed to help dogs with digestive issues but your pet’s raw food diet could make your kids sick this is pet food that has produced from raw from raw animal protein so it hasn’t been cooked according to the public health agency of Canada an outbreak of salmonella infections linked

To Raw pet food and contact with cattle has made dozens of people ill across Canada 40 cases have been identified across six provinces the majority Quebec and Ontario and the most susceptible population for salmonella infection is obviously infants you know below 5 years old that’s because Health Canada does

Not test approve or regulate pet food in this country problem is if a pet becomes infected with salmonella from contaminated food it can easily pass the bacterial infection on to its owners if people interact with those animals um they can become sick Health Canada says more than 40% of those sick in this

Outbreak are under the age of five so far 13 patients have been hospitalized the strain of salmonella highly resistant to antibiotics essentially what happens is when you go to hospital all they can do is basically rehydrate you um rather than give you any drugs and it can be a painful experience to

Watch especially if you’re a parent health officials say people should not feed their pets raw food especially when there are small children in the home Heather urex West Global News Calgary

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is investigating an outbreak of “extensively drug-resistant” salmonella, which is being linked to raw dog food and contact with cattle.

The discovery is highlighting gaps in how pet food is regulated for safety in Canada.

Heather Yourex-West explains where the majority of cases are being found, who’s most susceptible to getting sick and the advice being given to pet owners.

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  1. You f—-n kidding me!?!? We were raised to raise kids with pets to teach them about Thousands of ways at the same time of bringing them understanding about responsibilities and duties. Washing your hands after handling your pets food, not leaving open pet wet foods In the fridge or around other foods, and never use human dishes with pet dishes for such reasons

  2. My understanding is that even pets shouldn't eat raw food, mice or rats unless it is a regular part of their diet from the start? If a cat has always eaten kibble and eat a mouse or raw food for the first time , they could get very sick. My cat won't touch raw food.


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