Air force replaces Canadian prime minister’s aging plane



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The first thing to know about Canadian Forces 01 seen here in its original color is that it is no Air Force One no Canada’s pm has been flying around in a very modest modified Airbus it was built in 1987 bought by Canada in 1992 used from Canadian Airlines and then given a new

Paint job in 2013 the plane is so old it still had ashtrays in the washrooms Brian Malon spent 56 million to convert the plane though he never flew in it Jean cretan dubbed it a quote flying Taj Mahal he took out the VIP items he never

Used it either as PM four times a year it was Paul Martin who first used the plane for official PM travel and by then all the seating was economy except for the Spartan VIP cabin at the front join by Mr here’s Steven Harper in that cabin with cretan Kim Campbell and Brian Mon

Roone on the way to to Nelson Mandela’s funeral where did all those VIPs sleep on the long flight to South Africa well there’s only one bed in the cabin so at least three of those xpms would have had to sit and sleep in economy seats which

Only barely reclin there are no TVs at any passenger seat Wi-Fi on board forget it there’s not even electrical outlets for passengers it’s been battered beat up and has often broken down most recently stranding prime minister Justin Trudeau in India for extra few days while the Air Force waited for a part to

Fix it and so we say goodbye to the old cfo1 and hello to the new cfo1 that’s one of them behind me it’s an Airbus 2 an A330 bought used from Kuwaiti Airways it was built in 2015 modern enough I’m told that there will not be any ashtrays in

The washroom Donna well that’s an important update David Aken at ottawa’s airport thanks

After flying Canadian prime ministers and British royalty around the world for decades, Canada’s VIP air force jet is being retired from its role and replaced with a newer, less problematic plane.

The original one was built in 1987, bought by the federal government in 1992 after being used by Canadian airlines, and given a new paint job in 2013.

David Akin, who’s logged many kilometres on that aircraft, looks back on its history of travels and troubles.

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